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Seafood foodstore with delivery in Barbados

Riga Sprats in oil Riga Sprats in oil 200 g Add to Cart $3.99 US
Humpback salmon cold-smoked sliced Humpback salmon cold-smoked sliced 100 g Add to Cart $4.99 US
Calamari rings (dried) Calamari rings (dried) 50 g Add to Cart $4.99 US
Oiled sardines Oiled sardines 250 g Add to Cart $4.99 US
Oiled sprats Oiled sprats 240 g Add to Cart $4.99 US
Canned Pacific saury in oil Canned Pacific saury in oil 250 g Add to Cart $4.99 US
Pacific saury Pacific saury 250 g Add to Cart $4.99 US
Dried salted fish Dried salted fish 50 g Add to Cart $5.99 US
Sprats in Tomato Sauce Sprats in Tomato Sauce 240 g Add to Cart $5.99 US
Crabmeat sliced Crabmeat sliced 240 g Add to Cart $5.99 US

Send fish, caviar and seafood online with Cyber Florist! Order foodstore with delivery in Barbados and worldwide.

Sometimes a foodstore grocery set is a more appropriate gift than a bouquet or a basket of flowers. Cyber Florist catalog has ready-made grocery sets or grocery baskets for delivery inBarbados.

But you also have the opportunity to create your own grocery set, including only those products that your recipient needs.

Ordering Fish and seafood with delivery in Barbados is very simple. Choose products in our catalog, add them to the basket, indicate the date and city of delivery and pay online in the most convenient way for you.

Fish, caviar and seafood are very healthy. But such products are not often added to gift sets. Therefore, it is possible to order a set of products with fish and seafood as a gift in Cyber ​​Florist.

We will quickly deliver your unique gift set with fish, canned fish and other seafood to your recipient.

To take special care of those who are dear to you, but are too far away, you can buy fish fillets, shrimps or other seafood with delivery in Barbados.

Didn't find the seafood you needed in our catalog? It doesn't matter - proceed with custom order, indicate the list of required products, and our specialists will take care of their selection and delivery.

Please note that only fully paid orders are processed.

The lead time is 1 day. We will deliver your order on the day of checkout only if you have issued and paid for it before 12 noon local time in the city of delivery.

If you have any difficulties or questions during the ordering process, please contact our customer support , it works for you every day and around the clock. Use the phone 8 800 333 4924 or the online chat on our website.

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